Monday, November 2, 2009

The Modern Age Wedding Album

I recently got married and discovered that most photographers charged a fortune for wedding albums. As a designer, I asked our photographer to supply a hi-res DVD and chose to create our own album.

This decision proclaimed countless benefits. I designed a 12 inch by 12 inch 100 page thin coffee table book that used just about every photo our photographer took. We even took advantage of the table camera shots! I find that some of the most interesting shots, even though poor quality, come from the table camera. Using my skills in Photoshop I was able to enhance these photos and create a wonderful montage of memoirs.

This Elegant and sophisticated book is very lightweight with a professional binding and can be duplicated inexpensively for your parents and relatives. There are a wide variety of sizes and page styles to choose from. If you'd like me to help design one of your very own please send me an email.

- Kevin Stoohs

You can even print an optional date and title on the
spine to gain easy access from your library.

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