Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding Websites Get the Word Out

If you're searching for that perfect way to keep your invited guests informed of your special day, a wedding website might just be for you. Start off with a home page and add as many links as you want. Some of the available links are listed below.

Announce your wedding in style by adding a splash page that will bedazzle your audience.

Add a countdown clock to the home page for some extra suspense. Introduce the happy new couple and the bridal party. Tell the story of how you met and the way they proposed. Share your photos from both families to better acquaint everyone before the big event. Post videos of your experiences together during the engagement. Even add fun games for your website visitors to interact with.

These important links keep your friends and family informed of dates, dress fittings, registries, directions, and various other details for your spectacular event to help avoid any unseen mishaps.

You can choose to keep the website active after your wedding is over to post photos and write thank you messages to everyone. After the honeymoon's over, keep the romance alive by posting your photos and documenting your experiences. When the website has finally been taken off the internet it can be archived as a working copy to a CD for an added expense. If all this interests you please contact me so we can get started on your interactive wedding experience. – Kevin

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