Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Retouch Those Sorrows Away

What if your day wasn't so perfect. Perhaps your make-up was smudged in one of your favorite photos. Or the photographer missed that important shot. Don't fret, with the advent of Photoshop, its now possible to retouch your photographs to make them absolutely perfect.

You can reduce blemishes and wrinkles, fix red eye, whiten teeth, remove stray hair, smooth skin tone, remove perspiration, remove eyeglass glare and achieve many other cosmetic improvements.

It's also possible to add or remove people, change or remove backgrounds, and change facial expressions. Fix overexposed and underexposed photographs. Color correct your photographs so that the color pops. Increase the saturation, creating a bright, vivid, and beautiful wedding album.

Below is an example of some retouching. This was supposed to be a photo of the bride and her brothers (plural). When the photo was taken only one brother was present. The other brother and a corsage were added along with an overall color correction.

Retouching can also create a striking visual effect if you desire a certain look. Some existing styles are vintage, sepia tone, soft focus, or black & white with color accents.


If you're ready for some terrific retouching, ask your photographer for a DVD or CD of all your hi-resolution photos and let's get started.     – Kevin

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Complete Wedding Invitation

While you're planning the guest list, it's a good idea to start thinking about invitations. There's a lot to choose from out there which will sure make your head spin. This design says it all. Elegant, stylish, modern, and functional. Each tabbed card contains detailed information about your wedding day for your guests. Every card stacks and tucks neatly into the inside pocket of the invitation. The invitation folds closed and inserted into the outer envelope. Folders, envelopes and card stock all come in a variety of different color and textures.

It's really up to you to decide what information you want printed on the cards. Most everyone includes the Reception and Response cards.
Other traditional card topics are Directions, Details, and Local Attractions. There's also the option to print on the opposite side of each card.

Beauty is in the details. All cards are digitally printed on a digital press and on the card stock of your choice. This design was printed on brilliant white linen card stock, which has a nice weight and texture. Click on the image below to have a closer look.

Pricing will vary and depends on the quantity and the paper stocks you choose. Please send me an email to setup a private consultation.
Put your trust in me, I'll make your wedding invitations look fabulous.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding Websites Get the Word Out

If you're searching for that perfect way to keep your invited guests informed of your special day, a wedding website might just be for you. Start off with a home page and add as many links as you want. Some of the available links are listed below.

Announce your wedding in style by adding a splash page that will bedazzle your audience.

Add a countdown clock to the home page for some extra suspense. Introduce the happy new couple and the bridal party. Tell the story of how you met and the way they proposed. Share your photos from both families to better acquaint everyone before the big event. Post videos of your experiences together during the engagement. Even add fun games for your website visitors to interact with.

These important links keep your friends and family informed of dates, dress fittings, registries, directions, and various other details for your spectacular event to help avoid any unseen mishaps.

You can choose to keep the website active after your wedding is over to post photos and write thank you messages to everyone. After the honeymoon's over, keep the romance alive by posting your photos and documenting your experiences. When the website has finally been taken off the internet it can be archived as a working copy to a CD for an added expense. If all this interests you please contact me so we can get started on your interactive wedding experience. – Kevin

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alternative Holiday Greeting Cards

Imaginative and very original these designs will surprise your recipients, who are expecting that boring holiday greeting card.

Each year I add a new design to the collection, that I mail out to those fortunate for that first sneak peak. They're all hand made using a carved linoleum block that prints the ink onto the cards. Due to the stamping process no two cards look alike.

Below are some more traditional designs to choose from that still have a special creative flair.

Each design is printed on a laid card stock with a deckled edge and comes with matching envelopes.

Some designs have special messages printed inside. The message is optional for an additional cost. If you're looking for a special design or message, I will take all requests. Get those orders in early as it takes some time in the production process. Thanks everyone and have a happy healthy holiday season! – Kevin Stoohs

Here's how to create your very own linoleum print
holiday greeting cards.

Things You'll Need:

• Linoleum Block Carving Tool Set
• Linoleum Block Inks
• Linoleum Block(s)
• Ink Roller
• Envelopes
• Blank Greeting Cards
• Burnishing Tool
• Clean Rags
• Paper Towels
• Soft-lead Pencils and Charcoal Stick
• Vellum Tracing Paper
• Flat Glass Baking Dish (to roll the ink in)

Follow these 10 easy steps to carve your block design:

  1. Check your design carefully - is it the right size? Check the spelling if there is text.
  2. Take the drawing, flip it over and charcoal the entire back –
    this ensures your type won’t be mirrored and read backwards.
  3. Lay your drawing onto your linoleum block so that the charcoal rub is face down on the block.
  4. Tape down the drawing if necessary. You want it to stay in place.
  5. Now trace over your drawing and make sure to go over every line, dot, and shading.
  6. Transfer each separate color to a separate linoleum block, if you're planning to print in more than one color.
  7. Lift your drawing off the block. The process of tracing should have transferred your design to the surface of the block.
  8. Lay the linoleum block on a stable surface, and hold it firmly in place with your free hand.
  9. Use the carving tools to shape the surface of the block. Use the edging tool first to outline any straight lines.
  10. Brush away scraps frequently to view your design clearly.

Now follow these 10 easy steps to print your block design:
  1. Make sure you have ample space to lay your cards for the drying time.
  2. Roll your ink in the glass baking dish. You should hear a tacky sound which tells you the ink is the right consistency.
  3. Roll the ink onto your block design covering the design evenly.
  4. Apply the block to the card firmly pressing down until the card sticks to your block.
  5. Use the burnishing tool, burnish down the corners and all other surfaces.
  6. Slowly peel your card from the block design to reveal your freshly printed card.
  7. Set each card aside for drying.
  8. By the time you finish printing and adding postage to your envelopes the first few cards you printed should be dry.
  9. Test them with a light touch of the finger, if they still feel tacky allow more time to dry.
  10. When your cards are dry you can repeat the process for a second color or sign and mail them.
Most important, have fun designing, printing and being creative!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Expecting...a really creative announcment!

Deliver the good news with these adorable diaper birth announcements.
The diaper envelope comes in three different colors, blue, pink and yellow
for all occasions. Send me three of your favorite photos to drop into this
layout or I can be commissioned to photograph your new bundle of joy.
Please contact me for more details.   – Kevin

The birth announcement card tucks neatly into the diaper envelope revealing the footprints only.

Everything conveniently slips into a matching outer envelope for mailing.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Modern Age Wedding Album

I recently got married and discovered that most photographers charged a fortune for wedding albums. As a designer, I asked our photographer to supply a hi-res DVD and chose to create our own album.

This decision proclaimed countless benefits. I designed a 12 inch by 12 inch 100 page thin coffee table book that used just about every photo our photographer took. We even took advantage of the table camera shots! I find that some of the most interesting shots, even though poor quality, come from the table camera. Using my skills in Photoshop I was able to enhance these photos and create a wonderful montage of memoirs.

This Elegant and sophisticated book is very lightweight with a professional binding and can be duplicated inexpensively for your parents and relatives. There are a wide variety of sizes and page styles to choose from. If you'd like me to help design one of your very own please send me an email.

- Kevin Stoohs

You can even print an optional date and title on the
spine to gain easy access from your library.