Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Retouch Those Sorrows Away

What if your day wasn't so perfect. Perhaps your make-up was smudged in one of your favorite photos. Or the photographer missed that important shot. Don't fret, with the advent of Photoshop, its now possible to retouch your photographs to make them absolutely perfect.

You can reduce blemishes and wrinkles, fix red eye, whiten teeth, remove stray hair, smooth skin tone, remove perspiration, remove eyeglass glare and achieve many other cosmetic improvements.

It's also possible to add or remove people, change or remove backgrounds, and change facial expressions. Fix overexposed and underexposed photographs. Color correct your photographs so that the color pops. Increase the saturation, creating a bright, vivid, and beautiful wedding album.

Below is an example of some retouching. This was supposed to be a photo of the bride and her brothers (plural). When the photo was taken only one brother was present. The other brother and a corsage were added along with an overall color correction.

Retouching can also create a striking visual effect if you desire a certain look. Some existing styles are vintage, sepia tone, soft focus, or black & white with color accents.


If you're ready for some terrific retouching, ask your photographer for a DVD or CD of all your hi-resolution photos and let's get started.     – Kevin

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